Friday, September 7

Thank you

To all of you guys who sent me such sweet notes and stories of your own battles with fertility and health setbacks. I value you so much! I am in awe of how brave and strong you all are, and how much love we have for one another, even though we are strangers. And I am looking forward to sharing our adoption process with you guys here too.

This weekend is starting a bit early for O and I, b/c we are taking a staycation! We call them hotel dates, and they became a tradition years ago when we both worked from home, and found that it was too hard to relax there. So we started using Hotwire to get five star hotels in Atlanta for a steal. We are trying out a new place this time, and I had hoped we could lounge by the pool all weekend, but alas, its a gonna rain. Oh well, we planned it weeks ago to celebrate my being over the hormone hell, and I get to drink as much wine and coffee as I want!

I think we may also go shopping, something we only do together on vacation, ever. I don't shop much myself for clothes (pretty much everything I own comes from Zappos) I have an urge to buy some pretty clothes, for the past two years I never really bought any nice clothing, you know except for workout clothes, and sports bras that come in a pack. I could have gotten pregnant any minute, or so I thought. It feels good to be on the other side of this now, and I want to celebrate!

So I am off to work, then the fun begins. Room service! Dinner out! Snuggly time all day long! Shopping! Wine! I get to wear clothes that don't have paint on them!


  1. Michelle, I just want to say that I am so excited to hear that your hell is over. And also so excited that you have decided to adopt. I believe that everything happens for a reason and God knows the big plan. Not being able to get pregnant may have been a heartbreak for you. But for some lucky little babe out there, it means a future with a loving family. Some child out there is waiting for you.
    It makes me so happy I could cry. :)
    Hugs to you. Have a blast on your vacation.
    xoxo Jo

  2. Congratulations on your fantastic decision to adopt!! Your family will be perfect however it comes together. x

  3. staycations are the greatest--read about my recent one i just posted today.

    adoption is such a powerfully beautiful thing.

    smiles and happy weekend.


  4. Sounds fantastic and just what you deserve! I can't wait to hear about the L-U-C-K-Y kiddos that come into your life. I (heart) you Michelle!! Sending lots of love your way...

    1. I heart you too Katie! I think those kiddos will be lucky too :)


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