Tuesday, December 18


Oh shopping.  I hate you, but I love it when you surprise me and turn out to be easy and fruitful. The black hole of shopping, for me, is the Sale. Sometimes I like a "deal" so much that I buy things that are not exactly right. Sadly, I don't wear things that are not exactly right, so it ends up being a waste. My goal has been for the last year, and from now on to buy ONLY what is perfect and not care how much it costs. The theory is that there are so few items that are perfect, so it is ok if they cost three times more than you might normally spend.

Shopbop has great sales, divided by percentage, and they offer free shipping, and returns (if you are snappy about it). I always get my items lickety split too. I also love that each item has a video that loads right up so you can really study the drape, and composition of the fabric (you know, like is it thick, or shinny.)


  1. I totally agree with you about buying fewer things, but spending more if they are the RIGHT things. It's been my philosophy for a while now but sometimes I forget because temptation messes with my brain. My husband doesn't quite get the idea of spending more. To him, jeans should still cost less than $30. I remind him that there ARE jeans that cost less than $30, but they are generally not jeans that are flattering. I once read that the French tend to have smaller wardrobes, but each piece is higher quality and they wear them more often. Makes sense that you get your money's worth when you wear something more often because you feel good in it and know you look good in it.

    When I just read my husband what you wrote at the end of your first paragraph, he asked why I keep buying so many pillows. I think he just likes to argue about my pillow purchasing frequency. I told him he wouldn't understand.

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