Monday, December 10

Take it from me...

I thought I would do a round up of clothes that I have bought and really love. I bought everything online, and am probably wearing them right now.

1. This James Perse dolman sleeve top up there is so cute in person, and half off! They photo shopped her nips out, cuz that thing is sheer. I like it with this bra because the straps are cute.

2. This Lucy sweater is so cozy and perfect for throwing on after a morning workout when you want to go right to work. I do this all the time (gross but true).

3. Most days I just wear workout pants all day long. These are easy to wear, lightweight (but not sheer, at least in my experience) and they aren't uncomfortably tight.

4. I love these Nike tennis. I work out almost every day so I decided to get two shoes to rotate. Sounds like a no brainer, but its a first for me. At the studio I just put on my painting danskos.

5. That Kain t-shirt is so pretty, but I don't recommend for workouts, not absorbant. Super cute to throw on over a sports bra after you tear off of sweaty one you just worked out in.

6. That lipgloss is not gross: doesn't taste like silicone, and its glossy but not super sticky. I love it because it looks like I am trying a little bit, but it doesn't deposit a ton of color.

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  1. we wear the same "work" outfit. I'm usually in similar lululemon pants....all day....thinking I may try that long sweater.


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