Monday, December 2

Meet me in Philadelphia

You probably already read Meet me in Philadelphia, cute Ashley's blog. If you don't, correct this woeful error now. She was asking guests to create posts about gratitude in November, and I created a post for her too. As you know I am really focusing on being grateful and so. There you have it...

What am I grateful for? What am I thankful for? You know, I think about this every single day.
I have started a gratitude journal (so very Oprah of me isn't it.) It helps me to get over myself and the problems that I sometimes allow to consume my thoughts. Are they really problems though? Not when I change my perspective a little and I take stock of what really matters and what I really have.

These past few days I have been pondering how lucky I am to live right here, right now (yes, that song totally just popped into my head). I am free to be whoever I want.

Read the rest of this titalating, dirty, shocking, NC17 story here...

PS. That is one of my favorite pictures of me, but O took it. That means there are approximately 42 others of me looking like a demented, windblown freak show. Oh, how un PC of me. Does your husband or wife take hideous pictures of you, if they ever happen to take pictures at all? O only feels the need to snap on if say my hair is especially crazy, or my face cream is hanging off my chin. Very lovely. 

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