Monday, December 16

Artifact Uprising

Have you guys seen Artifact Uprising yet? Its a high design shop to convert your digital images into very beautiful physical products like a hard cover book, a stack of prints, or postcards. It is beautiful and easy. I just uploaded 25 images for the 5x5 print option. I am going to do something like this.

This is as image, as I am sure you know, from Rita Konig's amaze apartment. I love how she displays personal photos in a casual way. This is her old place with the famous mantel shot. I would love to have bowls around the house with photos in them for easy browsing whenever. 

I just ordered the above print set.

Hard cover book, so beautiful and a fabulous gift idea. Wish I had thought to tell you guys about this before their Christmas shipping deadline passed. But I be procrastinating y'all.

Instagram book, basically you use images from your mobil device or whatever, low resolution. They are so beautiful and I want to do them for vacations and other fun events like weddings, epic parties, re-models, a running joke or event (like the evolution themed dinner parties we have with our friends.)

Last but not least one of my very favorite items, the calendar! What a great gift if you can create a family theme for extended family, or a sexy one for your lovey. How about for a new baby, you can do monthly updates or if you have an older child, you can do yearly updates for every month.

Check out their blog, or instagram.

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  1. I am obsessed with artifact uprising! These make the best gifts :)


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