Dresses at Graniph!

Check out the Graniph home page right now. Eek!


"My" dresses and T-shirts are available for purchase! 

You can buy these ladies, as in they will ship to you in the US, from Japan. oooohhhhh. aaaaahhhhh.
I love how these turned out, I always dig an abstract print for clothing, and I especially love how casual these look, and how great for layering they are. Not to mention I kinda really dig that artwork :)

The price is JPY 3,125 or move that decimal over and its just around 30 bucks. Amazing. You can email me if you have any questions, hopefully I will get some samples in, but we have not had much luck with actually getting them to arrive at my house for some reason (postal issues?).


  1. I am thinking great bathing suit cover up for us older gals. :)

  2. $30!?!? I can buy multiple! Is there any possibility these prints will be used for any other clothing (blouses...oh man, I'd die over a Michelle Armas print blouse) sometime soon?


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