Friday, April 18

Thank Friday it's Friday!

I am so happy that its Friday! We are having a cool, rainy day here and I love it. Its cozy damnit! Really looking forward so spending some time with friends and O tonight. I have been working a lot, meaning all the time, meaning all the time that I want to, meaning not really just all the time.

This one isn't finished yet. Prom Queen I think I will cal her.

 I have still been painting though, painting up a storm! These are all going to Gregg, so contact her if you wanna scoop them up right fast before anyone else does.

I asked for naming suggestions for this one on instagram: Colorfultastic came from a four year old. Perfect.

I made a big mistake today, and quoted out something 30% of what I would normally charge for it. And since I gave my verbal agreement (no. 1 reason I don't like making deals on the phone, I need to think about them in my crazy, round about way)...I can't go back on it. But as my friend Jess reminded me, at least its more money than you had before. So there you have it folks, even veterans make stupid mistakes that make them have a tummy ache. 


  1. Nice work! Lovin' it... ;) (and guess what, I sold a painting today!!!! And someone else might be buying another painting and a glass sculpture...) here's to lots o' sales at Gregg Irby Fine Art for you as well!

    1. Wonderful Carol! Happy to hear that.

  2. It's all super beautimous but I especially love it when you go dark!

    1. Thanks doll. I think thats because it matches the blackness of your soul!!! And thats why I loooove you :)


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