Monday, January 12

2015 I am coming for you

ahhhhh....its the start of a new year. Isn't that just the most exciting! Clean slate, goals to meet, work to be done! Rewards to look forward to! This year O and I decided that we are going to work hard and save money. Last year was a doozy for our resources: we had that never-ending-from-hell-remodel, many trips to Amsterdam, New York twice, Seattle, Florida and I can't remember where else... Not to mention we adopted our little buggabo. Damn it was a year and a half!

This year O and I are going to make a mood board for our 2015! We have goals like save up a lot of money and you know what has been coming to mind non stop? This:

Thats me, swimming in money! Other 2015 goals for me are as follows.

1. Squash Autoimmune Disease!! Last year I went full Paleo on my own ass and it has been the latest breakthrough for me/us. I have been healthier than ever and my new diet has so much to do with it. I love having energy, not having to worry about tummy paint or headaches or skin rashes, bone aches, fatigue and the pooping...oh the pooping.

2. Be my own trainer. I have been working out with a trainer who I adore for a few years now. Ever since I had Alia I realized that its so hard to schedule workouts and its better for me to go to the gym when it suits me. Also I moved from Pilates to weight training and cardio training and I missed Pilates so much. I decided that I have to make my own workouts that combine Pilates, weight training, stretching and cardio. Its been a lot of fun so far! Its amazing to be able to workout on my own again and not hurt myself!

3. Stockpile money for our future adventures.

4. Make new friends! I am so blessed to have many truly meaningful friendships in my life so this goal is really just a continuation of that. Its a resolve to see my loved ones more often, and to make the effort to get to know people who I like as well!

5. Ground myself emotionally and maintain boundaries. Do you have a problem with boundaries sometimes? I know that I do. I tend to be a fixer, a solver. I like problem solving and when someone I love is having a problem, I want to fix it! You know what I have learned though? I have learned that not everyone thinks the same way that I do, and my spending time and energy and angst trying to solve their problems doesn't mean that they are going to see things my way and make their situation better for themselves the way that I think they should. I need to teach Alia to take ownership of her life and I will be an example of that for her I hope, but I also need to teach her not to drain herself trying to "fix" others, and that its ok to keep your emotional reserves safely tucked away when you are faced with the trauma of others. It isn't selfish. In fact I know in my heart that by constantly mourning the problems of others when my help is not effective is a waste of energy and as hard as it is I must accept, save my emotional energy and engage elsewhere. sigh.

6. Paint, and draw fearlessly. I am going to hone my craft, expand and pick up old mediums that I haven't touched since I was a child! I used to draw portraits constantly, but now I lack the confidence so I am going to work on that. I am going to grow and expand and paint what I want, what I truly love to see and put it out there even if you all hate it!

What about you? Any major goals that you are really excited about this year?


  1. So. Many. Goals. Many are VERY similar to yours as a matter of fact! 2014 was, well, a real bitch and I'm soooooo ready to start fresh and get my shit straight. Speaking of shit...I'm so interested to hear more about your paleo path. It's one of those things I am certain will help me and my MS but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Do you have any recommended books/recipes, etc? Also, I saw that GORGEOUS blue and white piece you've been working on via Instagram and I love it with the intensity of a thousand suns. That is all. Carry on!

    1. Hey Sugar! I love this book for learning about autoimune disease and Paleo:

      Its very science-y but I found it very helpful to be able to visualize exactly what was happening inside of my body. I am telling you I noticed inside of three days a huge difference. I had no idea that legumes, grains and beans were making me so sick! I was gluten free for forever and now it turns out that corn and beans make me waaayyy sicker. I can sneak some gluten once a month or so (so that I don't loose my shit completely) and I feel nothing but if I eat a corn chip I can't stand up straight from the pain. Also yes, blue and white will be for sale soon :)

  2. I'm glad you shared this- and I saw it at the right time! I just got off the phone with my dad- trying to cure his sinus problems! I feel like it just leaves us both frustrated and you're right, people don't always see things the same way! I'm going to add this to my resolutions this year. I need to focus on being a better listener and not trying to fix everybody or suggest "do this", "try that"- it really does take away good energy!! Happy 2015!!

    1. Good for you! I am glad that the post was there for you when you needed it :)

  3. Thanks, doll!! Ordering that shit STAT! The book, not the, well you know. Muah!


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