Blog 2.0 (also my new studio)

I have a HUGE desk/work table. The canvas laying on it is 40x40 inches. It still isn't big enough through.

I have been writing this blog for ten years.... Lets just let that sink in for a mo shall we? I sort of dropped off writing here because it feels like instagram is easier. It is easier. But its not the same. And you know what? I miss blogging, like the old fashioned blogging. Not the sports car with a naked model on it version of blogging that it seems like blogs have to be today. My version of blogging. A regular like suv nice car type thing with a normal lady driving it zoned out a little and talking to herself. ok? Lane change with no blinker: 

Can I call it my new studio if I moved in the summer time and now its almost spring time? Lets not overthink it. Yes I can. Despite the fact that I have finally (I am almost positive) decided what the future of my studio is going to look like and it isn't in this building, I am very happy here for now.
Is nice and big and bright, even though this pic is lousy.

This is what my studio actually looks like, no fluffing it up to look all pretty. I guess its pretty neat, but thats how I need it to be in order to work. I should have fixed the blinds though. Ouch.
I have so much more room for large paintings than I did at my old place. I like to be organized.
My trusty ol easel. I should name her I think. 
I know you are wondering about my white furniture. Yes, it has paint on it, but only a tiny bit. You would expect more. Also those huge shelves are amazing, I bought them form a warehouse supply place and have three scars, major ones, on my hands from hurting myself on them through the years. 

I have so much light, plenty of space, I am in the same building as my dear friend Jessica , its close to my house and I love being in Decatur. There are downsides to this place but I feel so happy every time I walk in the door! I never did throw a party here like I thought I would. Maybe a sample sale like we did when Alia was born, that was great. 


  1. The light looks incredible & yes you should throw a party...better late than never! I live in Canada, if I was a little closer I would come & visit for sure. For your easel why not "Bluth" I think you are a fan of Arrested Development if I'm correct. My husband & I have watched that box set too many times, when's the movie coming out!

    1. Holly that is hilarious! Yes, I love love love AD. I am thinking "stair car" or "George Michael" or "illusion Michael!" oh boy. I am going to need to re-watch some of that mess. Thanks for your comment!

  2. So glad to see you back to blogging! I love your writing style and am glad you are sticking around! One of the only ones I still enjoy following. The studio looks amazing...can't wait to hear what your future plans are though! Must be exciting to feel settled on something.

    1. Thank you! I write how I talk, its the only way to roll. Yes! I hear through the grapevine that instagram is about to change, and it made me realize how much I miss blogging. Its just better damnit! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Blogging is totally better. I feel like a cop out at times, sharing squares of life with very little conTEXT. But it is so frickin' convenient. Anyway, I think I've read your blog for pretty much the whole decade. I have dreams about which paintings I want to buy when I sell enough of mine - buuuut anyway, one nickel at a time!

    Love seeing this space, love reading/hearing your voice behind it all...


  4. Yay! The blog is back! Love reading your ruminations and seeing what's going on in your studio... and in your brain... :) Thanks for the studio tour.

  5. ps... what is going to change with instagram? Always a little late to any party, I was just about to dig into that platform... pero, es no bien ahorita? Thanks for any info!


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