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Is it too much to go from bitching about how hard I am struggling to be awesome to show you pictures of my awesome vacay? Hope not! Anyway here we go.

View from our nice private patio where we worked out every day. 100 squats a day keeps your booty ok!

simple, elegant, restful and stylish
We have been to Tulum, Mexico twice now. Both times with basically no planning and we stayed for a few days. This means that we didn't do a ton of exploring like we normally like to do, but the next time we go (in April) there will be much exploring! You just fly to Cancun ( sidebar: to let you know that I had written this whole sidebar about the airport in Cancun. Twice. Actually three times. Just deleted the forth attempt.... You'll see. Then you rent a car (don't let those guys waylay you into the talk about time shares or whatever. Just firmly say NO!) and then drive about 1 to 1.5 hours to Tulum! Also, the rental price when you rent a car online for Mexico is a lie, straight up lie. You will pay between 150-400 usd for the "insurance." But I haven't found another way to get a car there, I wish they has zipcar or something. Tulum is a small downtown, and a long jungle road with properties on either side. Thats it. At some point the road ends and becomes a dirt road and legally you are supposed to be allowed to just access the deserted beach anywhere you like, but that is getting harder and harder to do. We still did it though! Probably in a few years Tulum will be a different place. Also, no. We didn't go to Hartwood. You can't make a resi so you start standing in line around 3pm to get a resi, then you come back and stand in line again to get your table. No thanks. I am sure the food is amazing, but its really hyped up and thats not my thang. We like this hippy beach bar called Eufemia (or as we call it "fucking tacos"). Also really loved this place.

This trip was my Christmas gift to O. He has had a very busy year, and has been working day and night. I could tell that he needed some time away, in a place with slow internet, and no kid or gutters, or dishes or making dinner....

tequila shots in bed. YASSSSSSSS
Imagine the breeze rusting through the palm trees, the sound of the ocean, the scent of that amazing Mexican detergent (I love that stuff, what is it?) and cool sheets to lay your sun tired body on. ahhhhhhhh

We stayed in our favorite spot, this is our second visit to Encantada Tulum and just one of many more we hope. Its a no-kids-allowed total relaxation, quiet, romantic, amazing place. We booked at the last minute so we were lucky to even have a room available since this property only has eight rooms. It was heaven. We love the staff there too, they are all so sweet. When we were leaving we just couldn't get out the door, it was just teasing and laughing and joking and we had to hug everyone.
We always choose the same beach chairs and we think of them as "ours" now. Nice view huh. At night we sit here too and the stars above are amazing! You can see soooo much. 

Carlos kept bringing me different drinks. My favorite though is the Mezcal Margarita on the rocks. 

I am so grateful to my wonderful parents who take Alia when we need to get away. We facetime as much as we can and my mom sends me status reports (you know, what poops she had and how she slept and what cute new things she is doing like giving all the dogs a hug. Yes... hugs for dogs it is indeed heartbreakingly cute.)

I mean, how am I not there right now. I love love love all the palm trees. O does too. Natch.
We did get to zip along in this little pretty. We were supposed to snorkel and see a nature preserve but I got seasick. Boo. It was so much fun just being on the water though. 

Tulum is also know for the amazing Cenotes around. Actually all of Quintana-Roo is (the region in Mexico where Tulum is located). There are amazing ruins of archeological sites that we saw plenty of last year (and inspired so many stacking shapes paintings!) Incredible jungles to visit, off-roading in jeeps (yaaassssss) and basically anything you want if laying around on the beach and swimming in the big waves is not fun for you (um, its ok, nobodies perfect.) Its not like Tulum needs a shoutout or anything. This trip has solidified my desire to visit even more of Mexico, there are so.many.places I want to visit that I am scheming a huge all over Mexico trip. Doesn't that sounds like crazy fun!! Honestly I really love Mexican people, and getting to chat with them is one of my favorite parts. I do speak Spanish, remember. So learn some, its soo easy!! Much much easier than English anyway.

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  1. I love that feeling too of crisp clean sheets on a body that has been in the sun all day. Looks like a relaxing holiday, jealous of the sun as we are supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow!


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