Heidi Merrick

Some people are just good at what they do, this post is about two ladies. One, Jessica of Shinny Squirrel always finds awesome new designers and I usually like every one of them, so good at mucking through the crap and pulling some real pearls out. She recently talked abut Heidi Merrick and so, naturally I checked her out, and I fell in love. These pieces are so rich and textured and they seem like they tell a sweet story, one that I would like to play in for a while. I can't afford one of these dresses willy-nilly, at almost $500 a pop, but I can save up for one, and I think I most certainly will!


  1. I am glad we are on for saturday, i am super excited to meet you. noon right? or earlier?

    E-mail me and we can chat about it!

    I am happy you like Heidi even t hough I agree her stuff is definitely soooo pricey. It is beautiful.

  2. I had the excited flutter feeling in my stomach when I saw the Heidi Merrick website, a feeling which lately has only come over fabric. I'm so glad you shared, and brought me back some clothes excitement.


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