Craft Contraption

Yesterday I spend an hour on the train (thank you MTA!) to get to a Fabric store that I read about online, Fabric-Save-A-Thon, essentially it is the Big Lots of fabric, I was pretty disappointed until I realised that they also sell hot glue guns, buttons (super cheep!) hair birds and jars and well, an assortment of crafty-girl essentials. I lugged a huge bag home and proceeded to turn this ugly Walmart computer cabinet into my craft and art supply super-center. First paint (it took almost a week!) then corking the inside of the doors with leftovers from another project, I do hate waste, and then fabric. I also made sweet little fabric tacs that I learned about via How About Orange. The bib pattern and the funky little post card are from Mr Monkeysuit, she so kindly sent me the pattern after I admired a bib that she made and posted. I am very excited to make some bibs for my new niece, and hey, I can post those when I am done too! O says my cabinet looks like a cheery little man, I must say I agree.

Also, this I got this little bird too, (three for one dollar!) he keeps me company now :)


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