Thursday, June 14

My many moons

Lately I have been reading lots of books about the universe and physics, even learning about string theory, anyone? Well, this print reminds me of my childhood b/c my dad is a huge astronomy buff and we had posters like this around all the time, well, maybe not so cool and 60's psychedelic, but cool none the less. I think ya'll should buy it, there I said it. My little underground, $35.


  1. Ah yes, string theory! My roommate and her dad are big astronomy/physics buffs, I never did catch what that string business was about...My Little Underground has some great stuff.

  2. String theory...will have to look that one up. :)

  3. this is beautiful!! i sent it to my brother, who just moved into a very bare-walled bedroom, and also loves outer space! :) thanks for the link.

  4. i am way in to physics & theories of relativity, & cosmology & yes string theories (as a layman, only). so i can totally relate!
    another great read if you haven't seen it yet is this:
    "the universe in a single atom"
    by the dalai lama. he discusses how buddhism and quantum physics interrelate and you'll learn a ton about both in a fairly simple light read.

  5. Oh what a great suggestion I will most certainly check out that book, thanks!


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