Wednesday, June 27

The other Michi

OK, so how cute is this? I had not heard of this before but seriously, how cute is this! Michi girl from Australia has a hysterical and cute blog, with lots of very enviable illustration/collage creations that I love. PLUS, a newsletter, sign up! I also must confess that I have never met another Michi, that is my name, only people who don't really know me call me Michelle, everyone else calls me Michi, crazy, never in my bleeeeeeep years have I met another one, well, there is a first for everything.


  1. SO cute! i heart illustration.

  2. Hi I just found your blog and it's great.
    I am totally a Michi girl fan. I love opening the email I get each day to see what finds she has for us. The illustartions are gorgeous. Kat McLeod who does them has also illustrated a cool cocktail recipe book by Jane Rocca.
    It's funny that you are quite literally a Michi Girl too!


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