Thursday, September 27

This woman looks amazing

This is the exact blend of sophisticated, classic chic and edgy, artistic chic that I want. I wish I could go shopping with this woman, she!


  1. Yes, a nice mix like you said. I love brown with black so I like her shoes with what she's wearing--kind of tan, but still brownish. I'm totally happy about higher waisted pants coming back, but I'm not a big fan of pleats in the pooch area, but on someone super skinny like her, they look good.

  2. i thought the same thing when i saw this pic on the sartorialist! oh, if only when i had bangs they'd stay that straight!

  3. oh great stuff!!!

    it almost looks like a modern take on annie hall. :}

  4. Agreed. The color of the shoes is so unexpected.

  5. gorgeous! love all of it. her hair cut is perfect.


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