Friday, September 14


Sad news around here today, I took Saki back to my parent's house to live. She is a very social little dog and she needed to be around other dogs, and since my folks have three other little dogs that she had been bonding with before...she was not as happy with me as she could have been. So now she is very happy, she has a big fenced in back yard and friends and a pond with fish to torment and two loving I get to visit. O and I are still planning on being dog owners, just have to find the right fit for us.
To cheer myself up I drank some old fashioned Argentinian mate from my favorite gourd, like we used to all do when we were kids, with heaps of sugar! If you have not tried the flour-free chocolate cookies form Whole Foods yet, hop on it peeps! They are yuuummmyyy.


  1. Hope you're feeling better. Saki is such a cutie...good that she can be with some doggie pals, and that you can visit anytime.

    I'm catching up w/my favorite blogs after some time away. NY misses you!!

  2. I'm so sorry you had to part with the little guy.. your gourd is very cute though. Very very cute.

  3. I'm sorry, too, to hear about the pup. But your pick-me-up sounds perfect. Flourless chocolate cake is amazing, so I bet cookies in the same vein couldn't be all that bad.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your dog!! You will find the best dog for you guys...the launch is sooo soon! Can you believe it? the time has just flown by and I am already getting a fantastic response.

  5. Oh dear, at least you can still visit Saki! When you get a new pup everyone will be happier. Be sure to drink lots of chocolate till then. xxxx

  6. She´s a cute one Saki. Hope you can relax with this, and visit her often.

  7. I'm so sorry you had to let Saki go but at least she went to a loving home where you'll be able to visit her.

    I got my first dog last year (knew absolutely nothing about dogs!) and used this test ( which helped me narrow down some good dog breeds to fit my lifestyle/house. Hope this helps and good luck on finding your perfect canine match. Any dog would be lucky to have you as their owner. ;}


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