Thursday, January 24

Lart C. Berliner

So beautiful, so simple, and just exactly what I want to start my day with. I will have one of each please! I love this from Little Otsu, just the kind of thing I would want to get in the mail, or whenever, called the tiger mountain days card for $3.

2008 map and poster at little otsu, $11.

along came planner, $16.75 at reform school.

card from buyolympia, $2.75


  1. I have that bottom it!! the colors are great.

  2. Oooh. Love all of this.

  3. I always like it when artists I admire introduce me to other artists' work. Thanks.

  4. this map calendar is amazing! i want to buy two so i can frame both sides.

  5. Agreed, totally amazing. I put that mappish calendar on my blog once and just having it there to look at every once in a while made me happy.

  6. I have the print you did for Little hangs above my bed. Some of the most darinly imaginative and honest work I've see, and I collect quite a bit.

  7. Anon, I am sure that Lart would be happy to know that, but this blog is not written by him, I sell prints at Shinny Squirrel and Little Paper Planes.


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