Monday, February 11

Fukuda Kan

I have so much trouble sleeping lately, I feel like I am always awake, but when I do dream, I have bright visions, saturated in the most vivid colors I have ever seen. I wish I could take pictures for you. I think these beautiful paintings by Fukuda Kan really express what they are like. I guess I should just get to work painting them, huh.


  1. hi michelle, i don't have any specific designers to look at for bridal--i myself prefer something that isn't necessarily "bridal"...
    (like a bikini on the beach!)

  2. Lovely colours! I'm wishing you more nights spent dreaming, sleeping too little makes every other thing in your life, how ever little, a bit more difficult. At least that's how I feel.

    I am so sorry for tempting you with sweet treats in my blog that I posted something salty (but yummy) for a change! :)

  3. Maybe if you paint them, you'll get them out of your system, and sleep!!:)

  4. Love these!!

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  6. they really let your mind wander and wonder -- just lovely!
    - Jessie -


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