Rest! Gosh Darnit

Things around here have been slow, really slow. I am trying to rest as much as possible, b/c I have been under the weather for forever now! I know that most people who work from home take advantage of the opportunity and take lots of breaks, but I have found it impossible to stop working, I realized I have not taken a break in 3 years. Now I am learning to take small breaks every day. I am kitting, reading, baking, at least something like that, every. single. day, yowzers, and taking Coco on long walks. I thought I might share some pics, maybe it will inspire you to rest more too!

Ahhh, napping on the couch, hanging out while O does the dishes, lunch in the sunny living room. Why have I not been doing this before?


  1. I love the pictures of your dog! are you still coming here in May?

  2. Yes, get some rest and feel better!!


  3. Oh, Coco! What a sweetie. I think she has a very important role; because you have to walk her, you're forced to take at least some breaks (not to mention how much pets do to our mental health in other ways).
    Hope you're getting better, and getting better at resting!

  4. I am totally the same way. Only now have I started to take little breaks here and there. Feel better! Do you know about Emergen-C? I drink it all the time since someone introduced me to it, partly because it tastes good (the lemon lime one!) and partly because I maybe beefing up my immune system.

  5. I hope that the resting has you feeling better. That last photo is amazing. If my naps were as good as that, I'd take one every day!

  6. People think that working from home is distracting and that you work less. I find the problem being turning OFF the computer or the phone. My Outlook is always on, but now I've started turning it off over the weekends. Same with my phone.

    It's all about work/life balance baby. Soooo happy to read that you're balancing yourself out. :-)

  7. coco is the sweetest lookin' little pup! I can't get over her! I hope you start feeling better!


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