Wednesday, February 27

Maria Britton

I am inspired by this today. Maybe because my work has been so much more floral lately, and maybe because it looks like something Klimpt would have painted if he got his hands on a hookah.
Maria Britton, Tinlark gallery


  1. So beautiful.

  2. Beautiful pictures, I love your pictures too! How odd, I have just found out I`m not to eat gluten either, thanks for charing the recipe..!

  3. This is a wonderful piece of work, I love the colours.

  4. so dreamy, and my sense of space is all over the place...very puzzle-like as well...thanks for the find!
    - Jessie -

  5. Just found you through Design Milk and I must say, I am loving not only your work but all of your finds--Maria Britton's work is new to me as well and is gorgeous!


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