Thursday, December 18

The perils of working at home

Two things, why don't I work here, so I could go to those office Holiday parties (in the sixties)? And why can't I find a party to go to so I can wear this?
images via slate...found via Darling Dexter...
Just kidding I hate office parties, but working from home means I don't have as many opportunities to wear pretty things, which hurts me deep inside.


  1. ha! yeah, my standard outfit is a t-shirt and comfy yoga pants. :) maybe we should just start wearing pretty things around the house to make ourselves feel better about working at home and not having parties to go to?

  2. i envy you for working at home :) though you are completely right about that dress... GORGEOUS!!!!

  3. oh, working from home hurts me deep inside for the same reason as you...sometimes I wish putting on my beautiful skirts and red pumps.
    I wear the same comfy jeans for days in a row and I have an arsenal of tank tops for every day...sigh.

    ps--I love your blog and I am so glad you found mine. I'm putting you on my blog roll stat!

    happy new year!


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