Friday, December 5

Getting my 50's houswife groove on

Ahhh it is Friday afternoon, around here that means that I clean the whole house in anticipation of a nice, relaxing weekend. Essentially Coco is terrorized the whole time b/c she is simultaneously intrigued and very afraid of the vacuum, and I sure as hell don't wear a dress while I clean. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I wear a white bathrobe, b/c it can get all dirty, and it doesn't matter if it gets bleach on it..and then I just put it in the laundry...Do you have a cleaning the house uniform?


  1. My pajamas...though the white robe is a good idea; I don't know how many things I've ruined with bleach. Such a cute picture!

  2. Hi Michelle! I usually wear pj's too when cleaning. I wonder what that's about? Hey your work is lovely! I particularly love that blue letterpress print of yours with Little Paper Planes.

  3. Three is the charm...I also clean in my pyjamas. Wonderful pants, no bra, fuzzy old slippers. We had that exact same vacuum cleaner for sale in the antique mall a few years back. Sold for almost $200! It was in great condition and still I guess whoever owned did not use it much. So much for the image of the 1950's diligent!

  4. I don't have a uniform... but I sure as hell wouldn't wear heels like the lady in that picture!

    Hehe and my dog Magnolia is a scaredy cat too. But I dunno what she's more scared by... the vacum or the ironing board. :P


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