Furry Hat

My mother-in-law is the coolest lady, and she gives wonderful gifts. For no reason, she pulls this super cute hat out of a bag and says "I thought you might like this..." And it turns out, I LOVE it, I have decided to try to wear as much vintage as possible this year, and this hat is my first step toward Vintage-incredibleness. I just love that little pompom!

I am going to try to get a photo of me wearing it soon, but I need O for that...he takes terrible photos of me, I mean, yikes, so I will work on that.


  1. Thank you for the lovely compliment, Michelle! I shall strive to always be a "cool lady" mother-in-law. Please tell me if I start to slip in that category. I love that hat on you and always have my eye out for other cute vintage head toppers. We love having you as part of the fam now!

  2. Holy moly, what an awesome present.

    The pompom just takes the whole thing to another level of glam.

  3. What a beautiful hat! It would be worth a cold day to wear such a cute hat!

  4. Oh I love my mother in law as well. So stylish she is as is yours I see. We should start a campaign for great mother in laws... they get such a bad rap.


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