Rachel Comey

Oh man, I want one of each please, my absolute favorite! Rachel Comey.


  1. Love the frankness (and sock monkey pjs!) in your last post. These are pretty dresses, although man, I wish many of these girls would go eat a sandwhich and have some ice cream! xx

  2. Cheryl, you are so funny, I get hungry looking at them! Luckily, my husband is repulsed by super skinny models...but whenever I send him images of designs I like, he always hates them, and I know it is b/c the models looks like refugees...

  3. Psst! Le Train Bleu is having a 30% off sale till the end of the day if you enter the code "lucky."
    I've been on a spending hiatus, and had to splurge on the Rachel Comey Traders dress. They carry quite a few of the other dresses from this recent collection that I haven't seen elsewhere.
    I recently found your site, and have enjoyed checking in.

    (also in Atlanta)

  4. I love her designs, too.
    I wish her pricing was a bit lower...
    But it's nice to admire from afar. Inspiring work.
    Thanks, Michelle!

  5. This is such a great collection! Thanks for sharing!


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