Monday, June 1

Plunge Pool...fantasy

Plunge pools at the Nash in SouthBeach...they are so nice...

As I write this, some lovely gentelmen are putting a drive gate up, and generally improving our little back yard. I can't seem to stop fantasizing about where we are going to put the plunge pool. Ever since I stayed at the Nash Hotel in southbeach, I have been dreaming of having a small, salt water, or mineral water plunge pool with jets and a stone patio around it...lets face it, Georgia is disgustingly hot a lot of the year...and then maybe it could be heated for when it is mildly cool, as it is for most of the other part of the year. I found these by googling plunge pool, creative, I know.

Lush garden

Kinda spa like...



Anyone have any experience with a plunge pool?


  1. YES! I helped build one in southern Spain a few years ago- and it was so incredible----
    One of those experiences that you never forget!

  2. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    I dream about having a plunge pool also... The expense is what holds me back, and the need for a fence. Any ideas how to do it on the cheap without a fence?


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