Wednesday, June 17

Oh Cocó

Slang for poo in my Spanish family growing up was cocó....I suppose it is telling that I named my doggie Coco, yes this post is all about poo, it is a pooost.

Poo, why do dogs love it so? (I feel like I should have started a poem there) Coco, I have recently discovered, loves to find it in the back yard, and roll around in it, as she did yesterday. I will spare you the coat matting, hour long "bath" details...suffice to say it took all day for me to stop smelling phantom poo all over the place.

So this morning, sweet smelling, clean little coco runs outside, finds another pile (except I looked, and I didn't seeeee any, but I smelllled it on the ground) and rolls around in it like bank robbers roll around on their big pile of money on the bed, got me? She rejoiced in it, she made little moaning, tiny growling sounds as she scooted all over the grass on her back. Now, I am scared to let her go outside! BLERG, what to do???

Ok, who has poo rollers? How do you discourage this nastiness? Blerg.


  1. oh my goodness... what is it about dogs wanting to do that?

    Actually, I think The Dog Whisperer says it's their "instinct" to roll around in the yucky stuff - to mask their own scent.... URGH! Our boxer doesn't do that, but our chihuahua DOES! (Not that the boxer is so "smart"... I used to catch him eating his own poo!!)

  2. Our dog did that too, whenever he got a chance (thankfully, not too often - for some reason he didn't find dog poo tempting).
    Still, Coco is sooo cute, so how could one be angry at her?

  3. poo rollers! I feel your pain and feel bad for giggling through the whole post. :-) Coco is adorable so I second can you be mad at that little face?

    Check my blog out for your award!!

  4. Oh, no! And you can't hate them. Isn't that annoying. ;)

  5. oh my word this is so funny...but not! I have had this happen with my dog and in fact the other day she rolled around in a dead bird......try that one on for size!

    I have learned to never let her out of my site when she is outside........:)

  6. I understand your pain... my chihuahua Nico loves doing that!Besides poo she will find other scents and stuff to roll... I just double check when we go out and sometimes I carry baby wipes!

  7. I dont think i have ever heard of this, honestly. Hmmm I have 2 boxers & thank God they've never done this...I wouldn't know what to do.
    You may need an expert to help you out of this unusual dog behavior.
    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  8. oh god thank god my dogs do not do that. they do enough other things to annoy the F* out of me


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