Tuesday, June 16

Wren Wedding Dress

Oh, this dress is dreamy...I wanted to have a dress made for my own wedding (don't get me wrong, loved my dress...) but I pictured something like this. I love how summary it looks, and that nipped in waist, classic bride. And that bouquet! I love it, I used vintage milinary flowers, and now I can see my bouquet all the time, and remember my special day. I just love the idea of not using live flowers, so interesting. Don't you think? via {frolic} via Martha.

On an unrelated note, this weekend, O was showing some signs of hesitation about the blue bedroom, and I was beginning to reconsider, but then I got bold again, so today I am headed to get some paint!


  1. That bouquet is amazing! What an idea.

  2. The dress is LOVELY! I've been imagining a skirt with "petals" like that... gorgeous! And the bouquet is divine.

  3. I love that bouquet!! I so want something like that, but of like silver spiky flowers :)

  4. Such a great idea for the bouquet and I love the pictures!

  5. the dress is gorgeous and the butterfly boquet is the greatest thing I've seen! xo

  6. Good luck painting :)

    These photos makes me so so happy :)
    Very artistic, and the bouquet is quirky and beautiful.
    /Anna Caroline
    Design Studio 210

  7. The bouquet is just beautiful. It made me happy! It inspired me to think differently in my future wedding!


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