Monday, December 20

Jane's Dining room

She has a wooden table, red leather chairs and chrome shelf almost just like these. I would hang a mirror horizontaly behind the table and put this chandelier on a dimmer.

chandelier, table, chairs, shelf, cup, bowl, vase

This mirror on the horizontal.


  1. What a good friend you are. I love that pretty, pretty swirly bowl!

  2. bestest friend ever!!

  3. That shelf makes me want to be a better person. Actually, every single thing you've chosen for her pad rocks my world. Serrrriously.

  4. Love the idea of hanging that mirror horizontally. It would look amazing!
    Lila Ferraro

  5. That shelf looks like a piece of art, I love it!

  6. LOVE the lighting fixture and that vase - Kate Spade right??

  7. LOVE my new calendar/print that I got for Christmas! John's grandmother ordered it for me (Betty Kennedy) and she had no idea what she was buying! When I opened it on Christmas, and told her that my college roommate painted it, she was very surprised. I'll let you know where it ends up.


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