Vintage Ornaments

So O and I got the tree up. It is actually quite large for the knook I had saved for it. Anyway, I realized that we don't have any ornaments! HA! I think I had always imagined that we would use color coordinated glass orbs, or something sophisticated.

However, in my family, ornaments are special. We bring out the same ones every year, and we remember buying them, and they each have special meaning. But, they are different, and all over the place, and I thought that it would be too cluttered for my own home. WRONG.

I can't do it, I have to have special ornaments on my tree, and the white tree is so graphic, I think it is going to rock.

Love the funky 60's star ornaments. I also really love the idea of hanging these reindeer all in a group, like they are flying on the tree.

Cute right. Also kind of creepy, I know.

Love this banana! Dude! How cool.

This may be one of my favorites. A falling down, ice skating santa form the 60's.

Made in West Germany, boy does that remind me of my childhood. I also love the color!


  1. Great selection, some kookier than others. The flying reindeer idea is pretty cool, but nothing beats a random banana ornament. That one gets my vote

  2. Very Cool! All of those would look amazing on a white tree.

  3. I love these ;-)
    your paintings are beautiful too.


  4. I going gaga over the star ornaments. You have to snap and share pics of tree when you've finished decorating it.

  5. I am with you on having to have the family ones on the tree!!

    My mom has some that are quite hideous, but they hold special memories for us, so up they go!!

    LOVE that banana!


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