So I was taking some kitchen photos for you....and then sat down to ponder....and then saw my oven mitt....and saw how burnt up it is and said! Oh I know! I will get another one...

And then I thought FinnSyle! Cute prints abound in there...blamo! cutest Marimekko print evah! Great as a table cloth b/c it is pvc coated! Great for a long outdoor table with graphic chairs against it.

Some planters with lacy plants and small flowers. Oh hell, go whole hog and outfit the whole thing in HEATH...drool.

Little rustic grill wear,

Nice cold bear, tee hee, no really.


  1. One purchase leads to another, right? You know I'm the first to endorse any Heath Ceramics purchase!

  2. The print might be my favorite, very homey.

  3. Heath. Drool. I bet that color is called "gorgeous."

    By the way, Floataway Cafe uses Heath as their restaurant dishes, they are so wonderful to the touch.

  4. Mmmm, Heath. So, so lovely.

  5. Ooh, love the print of that cloth! You always find the best things!

  6. ooo, I love that print, it's pure spring!!

  7. I also adore the print. It's pretty!


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