Tuesday, January 10

Hello again

Why hello there. Here we are on the flippety, and doesn't it feel good. A whole new year laid out before us, all shiny and new and with no wrinkles in it.

Today I am at the studio listening to Dylan and getting all soggy about everything and nothing. I feel like I have cultural and emotional whiplash, actually. Our trip was wonderful, but visiting Spain is always weird for me, on account of I feel so at home there. I always thought it was my spiritual home...

This time was different...I was way happier to come home than I ever thought I would be. But there it is isn't it? I am a different person this year aren't I? I guess that means I act different too.

 I need some sleep and way more time with my puppies so that I can feel normal again, I guess is what I am saying. Maybe turn off the Dylan and turn on some Snoop...ahhh thats better. I got some killer photos for you, and I know y'all wanna see em. Honestly, if I see another piece of ham I am gonna turn into a Ham Hulk...you wouldn't like me with some Ham....


  1. Hahaha: “Maybe turn off the Dylan and turn on some Snoop...” crazy what music does to your mood isn’t it? I’ve been unable to move on from Christmas music… Which is strange… Spain is one of my favorite places on earth too – hope you had a great time – your photos are gorgeous.

  2. Yes. Please share the pics so we can all live vicariously through you. The new you. Whoever she is. I'm sure I still like her, though. She listens to Snoop. ;)

  3. Gabrielle, thanks for your comment. It is crazy, but right now I am listening to The Knife, so its all good :)

    Jo! How's it going sistah?

  4. Welcome back! Can't wait to see your pics from Spain... one of my favorite places too :)

  5. Hello,
    I'm spanish living in Spain - good to know that you and some people here like Spain. I hope you'd a terrific time here - plenty places to see.


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