Monday, January 30

My dirty secret

is...... I have a lovehate relationship with traveling. I lived abroad for a year in college, and traveled all over the place, and boy do I have some stories from those days. It seems though that every single time I pack a suitcase, I get sick, pull a muscle, get food poisoning, loose something name it. I pretty much have been miserable the whole time I was "on vacation" and really only appreciated it after I came home. I tried to be more in the moment for this trip (good advice for anyone, anytime), but I was just too uncomfortable for the most part. Now that I am home though....I can't wait for the next adventure! I have so many lined up that O is getting impatient with me :)

What! Those floors, that pattern...girl stop.
Someone was like all, my bathroom door must be special!
I still feel refreshed from our trip, and slightly traumatized about traveling. (flying is sooo gross)I chose Spain, b/c I knew my batteries would be recharged by hearing Spanish all day long, eating my favorite foods, and just soaking up how much I love Spain. I really wanted O to love this place as much as I do (when we met, we had many long talks about living there). Then Spain sort of spit in my food when I wasn't looking. Blah blah blah, it isn't until now, about a whole month later that I am beginning to experience the inevitable romanticizing of the trip that is the seed for the eventual hearty wanderlust. Oh the daydreaming the sighing and wistful gazing to come!

On one of our last days in Sevilla, when we felt less bad, we took a long walk along the river and spent time checking out the art, all kinds. 

I will admit it, I was superglad to be home after our trip, I felt quite dazed and...icky. Only now I remember it as contemplative and jet-setty (thats totally grammatically correct, right?) It certainly was not the first trip where I got sick, or had various other misadventures. Even as I took most of these photos (I was so high on meds that I didn't realize I took them all in hipstagram, oops!) We were just wishing for our own bed and snuggly puppies.

The weather was pretty killer, we spent a really nice time laying and looking up through the trees.

So now I am appreciating the inspiration I got from our adventure, oh the ART! It is good for anyone to have a reset, and that is what this trip was for us. I was so refreshed when I came home, and have been painting, and planning and excited to work where before I left I was moody no, pissy. For me it was particularly fun to re-experience the city I love so much with older, wise eyes. I realize that I had not forgotten anything at all, it was a clear and sharp in my memory as it is in life. Sevilla is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, and we weren't even there for Semana time.

Ahhh, this was one of our best days! We just lazed around, but it was so pretty. Then we just magically happend to wander into the bull ring when a tour was starting. I personally wanted to learn more about the actual building, and what it was like to build and blahblah, but they talked all about actual bull fighting. I found myself rooting for the bulls.

The rest of the day treated us to Sangria on a hotel rooftop overlooking the Cathedral and all the ancient rooftops, and flamenco so good I was tapping in my sleep.

Where is your next trip going to be? Do you ever take spontaneous trips abroad?


  1. You know, I was actually wondering about the "hipstagram". It does give the photos a far-away-once-upon-a-time look, though.
    I get travel anxiety something terrible (and I've never even been anywhere that required I get a passport), so I totally admire the adventurous types like you.

  2. hell yes, textile star color punch floors and walls. LOVE THAT! Most of my traveling is to the west coast (a needed escape from the midwest) and sometimes up to canada (vancouver.. so beautiful!). One day though, I will conquer going abroad with a toddler.

  3. Your photos gave me goosebumps. Really. You KNOW what tile does to me.

    We are actually hoping to go to Spain at the end of the year. My husband is turning 40, my eldest, 13, and we have some serious futbol players in our household who are dying to watch Barca live.

  4. Loved the close up photos. It's a great way to see the city through your 'hipstagram'. Highly medicated or not, sounds like you came home with some great memories and beautiful photos.

  5. Growing up with a geography prof for a father, I've spent many a summer/month/weekend/day "adventuring" as I like to call it. We even lived in London where I rocked a Harry Potter-ish uniform for a few years as a kid. I definitely inherited his love of travel, and also the capacity to push myself to go everywhere, see everything and do it all, until I'm almost dead. What's been funny is marrying someone who would WAY rather sit on a beach than submit to any kind of exploration. And I would tooooooootally throw my crap in a backpack and jump on a flight anywhere last minute, but that guy? Not so much. Good thing I got a lot of travel out of the way before getting hitched, not to mention having a babe. At the rate I'm traveling these days, I look to be a total shut-in by 40. I'll let you know how that works out.

  6. Erika, I think O and I are the same way. I have to really push him sometimes to be more spontaneous, but he is learning! I think if I traveled more often, I might get less sick :( Your childhood sounds pretty amazing, I must say.


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