Monday, January 16

Pinterest this week, and a new one

This is my latest painting, Save The Bugle

Things that have been really inspring me this week:

Chic-nes. It is very hard to look good while wearing clothes that you can paint in. I wanna wear cool stuff! Booo

Perfectly charming and lovely. I am already sick of winter.

What I am not sick of though, are winter colors. Can you even stand the lovelyness? No, you can't.


  1. that last photo.. YUM those colors are just delicious.

  2. those peonies...lovely moody color. Are you on pinterest?

  3. Jennifer, yes! I am totally addicted!

  4. likewise...and everyone on pinterest is addicted to your work!

  5. Haha. I do a lot of painting (houses) and I wear my work clothes to the store quite often. I think it's funny how many people will always say "Looks like you've been painting.". Uh. No. Where did you get an idea like that?

  6. I haven't quite jumped on the pinterest bandwagon (I need to get on it!), but your paintings are EXTREMELY popular, girlfriend! And yes, the peonies are gorgeous! My favorite flower!


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