Thursday, February 23

Welcome home me

What a great time! I feel so very refreshed, and thats a good thing, b/c yesterday I did a big fat nada, unless you count overseeing some blinds installed in our kitchen, the most complicated blinds ever, it took three grown professional contractors to put them up. By "overseeing" I mean standing in the kitchen munching on a granola bar offering useless suggestions. I also watched Limitless and now I am typing this so fast I can't even see my fingers.

We kept calling these Dinosaur trees.

J and Me.

 I miss the California food so much, you have a salad there and you want to make out with it. Shit. I am happy to say my Janey is very well, and has a beautiful, happy life in Cali. Even though it is hard to miss a friend, seeing them living a fuller life is very satisfying isn't it?

Cool coy pond at the Getty Villa.

We shopped like crazy, bought matching shirts (of course), I got my ears pierced, I had a sushigasam at Sugarfish, and another one over the edemame dumplings at True Food. Oh, and we hit up the Barneys warehouse sale, I got some shoes, actually the shoes. Can't wait to show you.

Speaking of visiting people, do you guys leave a "hostes gift"? I like to leave a card, and pay for a special dinner or something. Maybe a gift certificate to a store you know they like? Or, do you think your smiling face is gift enough?


  1. That shot of the birds of paradise is.....heartbreakingly beautiful. And you got your ears pierced? For real? They weren't pierced before?
    I'm headed to your territory tomorrow. I wish I could come check out your studio. But, alas, I am traveling with a crew with one thing on their minds and it has nothing to do with art. It's Supercross weekend at the Georgia Dome.

  2. i grew up in california and the food is probably what i miss the most. i went to college in santa barbara, where as a poor college student you live on fresh organic food that is unbelievably cheap. i had no idea how good i had it until moving to NYC where i was practically in tears trying to find decent produce.

    sounds like a fun trip!

  3. I'm a fan of leaving a hostess gift. I think it doesn't even have to be expensive just something thoughtful. I've left candles I know the person likes, burned a CD of a collection of songs I know they'll like, or bottles of wine is always good. A thank you note is a must though! Have fun!!

  4. Ah ha ha, Michelle you are so funny! Looks like you had a lovely time :)

  5. Where are the shoes?!
    Glad you had a good vacation :)


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