Monday, February 6

18x36 paintings

I finally painted something for myself, and brought it home! And I am loving this new size, 18x36. There are a few in my shop right now, go check them out. Also I sent out a newsletter today, full of new paintings. If you haven't already, sign up here. I sometimes offer special discounts and sneak peeks that are only available to my newsletter subscribers.

I am going to tell you about that lucite and chrome bar cart tomorrow!

This is where I dump my bags when I get home. I like having a little color to greet me. The painting is called Scary Story, b/c it reminds me of a graphic novel night scene, for some reason. I am sure I will put it in the shop someday.


  1. You preempted my question by saying that you'll share details on the bar cart, it is a thing of beauty (as is your new painting).

  2. The painting is beautiful, Michelle, as are the new ones filling your shop. The Looker, Oy, and Halcyon stopped me dead in my tracks. And the bar cart, dang, it looks amazing in your home. Knew it would...everything looks amazing in your gorgeous home.

  3. A few things:
    1. LOVE the new painting.
    2. I just signed up for your newsletter... this will help me build the case to my husband that I absolutely NEED one of your paintings (i.e. when you send out a special discount).
    3. Your house is gorgeous. You have great taste.
    4. I can't WAIT to hear about your lucite bar cart.
    5. Have a good evening! :)

  4. i love this painting...thank you for sharing. happy to be your newest follower.

  5. Oh my goodness... I can't believe I just found you! I was wandering through Pinterest and someone had pinned one of your paintings... I love them all! I signed up for your newsletter and followed your blog... I'd love it if you'd follow mine too...
    happy painting!


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