Sunday, April 8

Pretty Organization

Is it actually Sunday night already? Yikes. I am still recovering from spending a weekend away. I dreamed about a cat who turned into a human to seduce strange older men...then turned back into a cat later on. Gross. O and I were in the mountains breathing salubrious air and eating lots of food and drinking red wine. I might still be sleeping right now actually. Isn't that a pretty pile of canvases? I took this picture right quick as I was leaving on Thursday.


  1. Great pile of canvases - would love to paint on these :-)

  2. I'm jealous of your canvas pile, like, in a disgusting way ;) all that blank space just waiting for life, delicious!
    i'm also jealous that you have the space to hold them. I'm currently littering the hallway and any other room space I can find with my supports/finished pieces.

  3. Love it - Hope your time away was divine! Do you get your canvases locally or order online?

    1. Melissa, I use Utrecht, and I use the artists series. They are the best!

    2. Sweet, Michelle - Thank you. :D Can't wait to see what you paint next!


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