Tuesday, April 10


I think maybe I will start blogging in the morning. It is so nice here at our new table. I bought a long (8ft) heart of pine farmhouse table for our kitchen recently. We have an antique place near us that I consider the farmhouse table emporium, and there it was, the perfect length and width. It just fit in the old Van.

My old man back just really does prefer a chair with back support, no matter how comfy the stools were. We found that a table in the dining room just didn't get enough use. I could not tell you why but thats the whats. We still haven't hosted anyone here yet, in our kitchen on our new table. How about you all come over for a couple glasses of red wine and some grilled sundries?

The table has a particular woody smell too. I like that in a table, tickle the senses!

This isn't really even a good photo of our pretty canopy here. Our neighborhood used to be a peacan orchard, isn't that romantic? We have lots of big, beautiful southern oaks and they create the prettiest canopy and we are serenaded by birds all day long. I always go outside to look up into the trees when I need a break and I always think about what it was like when it was a pure forrest with Indians living in it. Oh if I could travel back in time! I would be a total Indian girl...now thats romantic. I would have it all, those people were artisans, and makers so I imagine myself outside in the cool spring breeze making a giant...something or other with pretty beads and I would probably have a hunky husband with dark skin and long hair (already have that actually).

You can just make out Coco, queen of all she surveys. This weekend when we were in North Carolina at my folks house I was in tree heaven. (I have pics for you guys too, in a few days they will be ready, I have to make em purdy). In other news, I am getting a fake tan today. I am getting spray painted, yikes! Have you ever done it? Will I look orange?


  1. the color in that first photo reminds me of your paintings...love that combo

  2. Okay. When you said that you are going to get a spray tan, it totally overshadowed everything else that I just read. Never had one. But I hear they come out pretty natural looking. I just don't see you as the type. I don't know what that means. But I'm not the type.
    I am the type who would love to come hang out at your new table and eat grilled stuff and drink wine. That sounds pretty awesome. As a matter of fact, a small blogger meet-up would be so much fun.

  3. no. never with the spray tan. fraid i will look orange. but i am whiter than white. so maybe you won't?
    you have that natural olive skin.

    and also...not one picture of the table in it's entirety?

  4. Yes, you will be orange. I would say don't do it, but you must and then you will see. My husband has not ever laughed out loud and so quickly at my appearance as the time he did when he escorted me to my first (and last) spray tan.

    On another note. I would LOVE to come and have red wine and sundries (did you say?) but I do not know where you are. I am in the heart of LA so come to me. I will take you out for the best bacon wrapped scallops ever.



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