Monday, April 16


Pretty right? I just found this on Pinterest. I am always thinking I should layer art in my bedroom, but I never get around to it. I love this idea! Upon closer inspection I realized dude! thats my print!


  1. love it....and Pinterest. Painter/interior illustrator Jeremiah Goodman posted to FB last week his distain for his work being posted to the internet (Pinterest in particular) without his permission. Your work is found thorough pinterest and I suspect have driven clients to your work. How do you feel about it a generational issue (with Mr. Goodman being the elder)? The internet is a stage (mostly free) for emerging artists without representation, publicist and gallery presence.

    I copyright all of my work and have only had to address it a few times I've come across my work "used" inappropriately. Would love to hear your thoughts?

  2. How funny! I love that vignette. The little round mirror is such a wonderful companion for the large-matted art.

  3. I too, came across this picture on pinterest this weekend. The post I saw was nice enough to give you credit. Love your work. Got the calendar for Christmas and hope to get a larger piece once I get over my nervousness of buying a place!

  4. What an unexpected combination of things in this vignette. Combining the small (and gorgeous) print with the large mat is genius.

  5. Love the little mirror above that fabulous outsized mat/frame job. And your piece looks stunning!

  6. Hi Michelle! My good friend just sent me this link to your blog and that is my bedroom! I'm glad you like my side table and the use of your beautiful print! I have another one of your prints above my other side table if you would like to see it here: I am obsessed with ALL your work and if I would love to have an original painting one day! You are such an inspiration!

    Take care,
    Katie Beth


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