Wednesday, May 2

Howdy Y'all!

My favorite of the many hang out spots. Modern, California Moroccan. Very cool, and exactly right.

Sorry for the shitty quality shot.
 So I have a confession to make...the reason I have been quiet is b/c I have been in Austin Texas, generally hooping it up with O and some very dear friends who just had a baby. I do also promise a few more of the extra deep posts coming soon. I have a good excuse though, as my personal life has been kind of topsy turvy, no I am not pregnant. Also, even though the baby we just hung out with was cute enough to actually change your DNA...I am not baby crazy now either. Just my usual crazy. On that note, I don't usually post personal photos, but I figured what the hell.

Pretty cool huh. 

I swear I wore a different shirt.

This happend a lot.

Blooming cactus.
 A few months ago I got an email from a designer in Austin who told me that she was looking at art online and found some of my paintings. She saw Wise Math and liked it, so it inspired her current project, the new W hotel in Austin. Yup, we stayed there, and it was actually pretty cool! I had a sort of pre-conceived notion that W hotels attract the Sir Duchingtons of the world...and that may be true in other places, but in Austin, it was business as usual. This means everyone was friendly and stylish but waaay cool and down to earth and chatty and ohmygodcanwepleaseliveinAusitn...

View of Austin from Lady Bird Lake.
View from our room.
So I took some pictures of the public spaces, and they were all beautiful, like truly fun to be in. Plus everything smelled good. I confess that we pretty much parked ourselves by the pool all weekend and didn't budge. There are so many great things to do there! We had great plans, but we mostly didn't do anything. Good lord this sounds so lame...
Can you even stand that cute google eyed little look?
Then there was more of these photos are supposed to be in order, but every time I try to add a caption, Blogger scootches the photo to a new spot. I wold like to take this opportunity to give Blogger the finger.

Here is my friend Ruth, demonstrating how short baby arms are. We met in 1999 when we became roommates on a study abroad. She also introduced me to O! Also,  she and her husband, and O and I got together at the same epic party, at our apartment, that we call "the night of the big hookup." So we have the same anniversary. Awww


  1. Love the pics! Lookin' good in that first shot! ;-)

  2. Awww sounds like you're enjoying your Austin stay... Sometimes the best trips are taken just to relax and soak up the surrounding scenery!!! Congratulations on being an inspiration to such an amazing project... I love the W, I've never actually stayed in one but I've been inside of 3 to visit the bars/lounges and once to visit a friend of a friend in her W penthouse apartment and I loved it!! lol! Hope all is well!
    Darling Bonnie

  3. LOVE that you guys just hung the eff out and enjoyed yourselves.

    ALSO, am I making this up or are you coming to NYC soon? I have it on the calendar. xoxo!

  4. That was awesome. You look beautiful, as always. Vacations suit you. Austin is way up on my wish list!

  5. 1. LOVE The top- SO CUTE!! And so cute on ya! 2. I love to see great shots from a personal perspective- keep'em coming! and 3. You've sorta-kinda changed my thinking on Austin. I've never been but always pictured this uber-hip-hiptsers-hippy town that smelled like patchouli. Not so much anymore ;)

    1. Jen, there are a lot of hippies but I like hippies I guess. It doesn't smell like Patchouli though, The W at least smells like the W Austin, whatever that delish scent was, yum.

  6. Gees, you slacker. Hanging out by the pool and playing it all cool with a drink in your hand. Phssshhh.
    We'll let you by with it this time. Was it not hot as hell down there in Austin? I'm just assuming. Of course, you do live in Atlanta and that's pretty much like the pits of hell to us folk living two hours north of you. Amazing what a few hours of driving can do to the temperature.

    1. Jo, yes gets hot in Austin, but its an oven heat, like radiation. Atlanta heat is like swamp heat...different for sure. We try to escape Atlanta in August when it is miserable. But still, at least we have beauitful shade, and breezes. In NYC the city in the summer is like an inferno, a smelly, sweltering inferno...I take swamp heat over that anytime.


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