Monday, May 7


Right now I don't have much to give you guys. I am ok with the idea that life happens in stages and some times are filled with tons of inspiration and pretty pictures, and others are full of paperwork, faxes and dentist appointments. Right this second I am stuck in a washing machine with technical and confusing paperwork going around and some point the door will open I hope to come out squeaky clean and ready to paint a whole lot more! Also I will put on my guru hat and give you guys some more advice.

Hey, this is a good chance to offer advice right now! Don't over commit yourself. If you gotta leave your bloggatiers hanging b/c you are so stressed out you forget how to drive home on Tuesday afternoon, fuckem. Get your ducks in a row, fall back on your supporting members and do what you have to do. Everyone has times like this in life, but it won't last forever!

This painting is called If I had a dream. Its going to a store in Dallas!

Does your creativity suffer when life is tripping you up? Or do you flourish under the pressure? I am so interested!


  1. Good luck getting through this stressful bit!
    My creativity can suffer in situations like this - but sometimes I wish it were the opposite!

  2. I definitely don't thrive creatively when the stressful bits of "life" are happening around me! Usually my head gets filled with the negative stuff and the downward spiral continues until I'm just about to give up. Best way I've been able to deal with it is (honestly) to say eff it and put on some hip hop to get me motivated. Oddly, like working out. Might take a bit, but once I'm back into the groove it works for a while. Then I vow to spend a few hours getting the rest of the crap back in order. Good luck getting through your stressful time!

  3. creativity suffers in situations like this for me. I am too much in my head than, too worried, too anxious.

  4. I can totally relate. My creativity and blogging fun has been sidetracked by my bosses need for me to read his mind 24/7 and then execute those thoughts with perfection and perfect timing. Nothing like a challenge right?!!

  5. Ahh, I feel like you're writing my life right now.

    I've some how aquired two part-time jobs, working 50 hours a week, and on top of that trying to find time to paint :/ I think I really need to learn to say no and check my priorities!

  6. Girl, I just keep running across your work in magazines. What was the last one? I don't even remember. You are everywhere!

    As for stress.....I totally cease to have a brain when I am stressed. Either I am completely non-inspired....or else I have a million and one ideas and no time or energy to even try to pursue them.

  7. You guys are the best! I just ate two popsicles and watched five episodes of The Office...all better now.

  8. Sometimes I can react to a situation through drawing -- something menial and unimportant, like crayons on bad paper or something. Just pure selfish output. That can at least get one past that initial block and sometimes nifty things come out of those outburst sessions. Then when I get back to paperwork I've got that completely new thing waiting for me, patiently.

    I have a very structured home life compared to other makers I know. I have to set myself pretty rigidly so I can keep up with my part time day job and my partner's wonky schedule. But that structure includes things like a long warm-up period in the morning (often filled with those crayon scribbles), and a denouement at the end of the day so I can reflect on what I've done -- this helps me feel less like a failure in general. It sometimes comes down to making a list of things I did. As technical as "I figured out those weird angles in that blue piece" or as simple as "I ate a really nice dinner." It's all connected, yo.

  9. Oh my gosh, I feel you. Our schedule is so over run with activities and commitments, we played hooky from the routine tonight. In an unheard moment of spontaneity we took the boys to the movies. On a Monday! And had popcorn for dinner. Whoa. :0)

  10. because of years of improv training i thrive under pressure. every fiber of my being is accustomed to winning under pressure.
    or at least faking it until i am making it. that new painting is real pretty.

  11. I am crushed under pressure! Not creative at all during those times.

  12. That painting is fantastic + sometimes "fuckem" is so necessary.
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  13. Jenny, I wish I had your improv training! I just kind of fizzle under pressure.

    Maggie, your structured home life seems like a very smart idea! We try, but don't get too far.

    Nelya, The movies on a Monday! You are the best mom ever!

    Thanks for your comments guys, I feel better about not being able to produce this week!

  14. I feel your pain, Michelle! I just finished the tail end of weeks of over-committment shiz. So done, and the body is telling me that by getting sick now. Thanks for the reminder - good luck finishing up and getting your mojo back creativity wise.


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