Wednesday, May 23

New York Siiitttayy

Hey ya'll. I went to NYC last weekend. It was, well, what am I going to say, it was not amazing? You wouldn't believe me. Highlights.....drumroll please....

Shoe orgy (s)

Ladies who lunch

Obscene amount of macaroon mouth love. This is the requisite blogger shot, right?


Dippen dots hair?

Bemelmans, twice. HOT.

Bathroom at Prada. No, I didn't buy anything but I really wanted to try on those flame shoes...I mean really.

Me and Sarah, my cute friend who tore it up at Surtex. Watch this one because soon she will be burning so bright you won't be able to. Oh, and I saw Liza Minelli, we made eye contact. We were wearing the same sweater. I love you Liza, quit smoking.

In other news O and I are going out of town again tomorrow (I just came home last night). Not my best planning. Here is a hint of where we will be:

Confession: I am a little stressed out by this vacation. I planned it last minute, b/c I got a deal online. We are celebrating something pretty special....paying off my student loans. I paid those fuckers I pretty much have worked non stop for a few years to make it happen, and now I get to reward myself with a trip to the beach...except I really want to paint. I know! My life sucks.


  1. Is that fucking Talum?!! I'm beyond jealous. That place has been on my radar for years! Don't be nervous. You'll have everything you need. You're sweetie and that god-damm water!!! Can't wait to see what you paint after a trip like this.

  2. Been there. Amaaaaazing. You will LOVE!!!! And that's a huge accomplishments - congrats!

  3. Tulum! My husband and I stayed in a rustic bungalow on the beach and caught some huuuggeee fish that our hotel cooked for us! Paying down student loans, whewwww that's what I'm doing now too. Congrats and enjoy your well deserved vacation! :)


  4. Dawww I love that picture of us!! Oh it was so awesome that you took us to Bemelman's! I loved it. And thank you for the super sweet words:D Have a kick ass trip to Mexico!!!


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