July 2nd, 9am...set your marks...

 I am excited about my sale coming up, are you? We are celebrating our first year in the new studio. I know right! A whole year, and about ten extra grey hairs. Ok, so I have decided that the sale will start July 2nd, 9amish at least that is when I will send out the newsletter. You know, the newsletter that has the secret code you enter to get free shipping...on everything in the store.

1. Nothing can be put on hold for you for the start of the sale, so it is first come first serve.

2. The code lasts for exactly 24 hours, and that is it. No exceptions. (I have never done this before, so maybe I will offer the sale again if I decide that 24 hours is not long enough. You see I never know how it will go with newsletters. Sometimes a lot sells right away, and sometimes ya'll, like three things sell.) So...just go with it.

3. The only way to get the code is to get my newsletter. So sign up here.

4. If you buy a big painting (yes you get free shipping on it!!), I will still have to contact you to get your address to arrange shipping. We might be very busy, so be patient.

5. If you miss the sale, the free shipping coupon is not transferable. No exceptions. See you next time!

6. Free shipping for all items inside of the continental usa. Sorry International buyers. There will still be something yummy for you in the newsletter though.

7. Just a reminder that I am not doing commissions right now, so if something gets away form you, I won't be available to re-create it for you. I know it is frustrating when this happens, but I promise there will be more to choose from soon, there always is!

8. Exactly 666 people visited my shop yesterday. Duuuuude. Not really relevant to the sale, but the 14 year old boy in me is deeply impressed by the dark workings of the universe.

Side Smerk, 24x24 500usd.
Foxy, 48x48 1600usd.


  1. Hi Michelle, I am looking forward to it - I will have to work out the time difference here in Tassie.
    Yeah, I'm funny about numbers and patterns as well :)

  2. I just pinned these. Hahahaaaaa!!!! That is an incredibly generous sale! And those are friggin' gorgeous paintings. Carry on with your bad self. You are amazing!


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