Wednesday, June 27

Working like crazy

for you my dears. So you will have so many new and cool paintings to buy and have shipped to you on fairy wings fo free.

A few facts:

1. I have been listening to Harry Potter all day long, and I turn it down when I hear footsteps outside my door, b/c I am soooo embarrased.

2. Looking forward to having dinner with my husband tonight. I feel like having a pretty drink in a feminine glass.

3. Everything I paint lately has tons of yellow in it. I am just loving yellow.

4. I have eaten an entire chocolate cake since Saturday.

5. Mark Ruffalo is so ugly. I didn't dream about him at all. Nope.

6. Boobs!


  1. I love reading your posts, Michelle! Well, and admiring your art, of course. So, you're into Mark Ruffalo, huh? I'm more of a Robert Pattinson kinda gal! ;-)

  2. love favorite since childhood. Can't wait to see those pieces!

  3. you are too awesome for words. PLEASE BLOG MORE!!!!!!

  4. "fo free." Unless you live in Canada :(

  5. You dreamt about Mark Ruffalo?? Nope, I'm not jealous at ALL. I hope it was hot and steamy. :)

  6. Michelle, just wrote a little post about your stunning work on my blog. Hope I did you and your work justice :) Can't wait to see the new pieces!

  7. Am I the only one who wants say: Harry Potter? Next thing, you'll be telling us you secretly watched "A Wedding Story" and "A Baby Story" in college. Boobs, is right. They never disappear.

  8. Shelli! You can't divulge that kind of information. Does it help that I still feel nauseous thinking about those awful shows? I was brainwashed!

  9. beautiful! I love it!
    amazing blog, keep it up!

    xoxo, your new follower!!

  10. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah! You said boobs...on your blog! I think I have a crush on you...I have to go clean up the mess I made when I snorted the coffee out my gonna stalk, I mean follow you...making sure not to take big swallows of coffee before you throw a random boobs zinger at me...giggity


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