Tuesday, June 12

Sale alert

So this morning my chore is to look through hundreds of images wonderful Kristi shot yesterday, of me, ouch, in the studio. I learned a lot about camera angles. And I learned that I have to start a facelift fund. It is so gross to look at so many pictures of myself. Also, if you are sweating durring a photo shoot, stop and put on some powder. Take my word for it.

I changed the photo b/c my mom was so appalled that I showed all of Coco's mis-matched nipples on the internet. This is the picture I ended up choosing as my official "this is me fuckers!" photo.

Anyway, I have been meaning to tell you guys....I am having a sale. In July it will be the one year anniversary of my beautiful studio. So, I am offering a never-before seen sale. There will be free shipping on every order over 500usd..even the huge ones that cost hundreds and hundreds to ship...to anywhere in the Continental US. Sorry Alaska, you get screwed again. Also prints and small paintings will be on sale, but I am not sure how much yet.

In order to find out when the sale is happening (early July, or very late June), you need to sign up to my newsletter! You will get an email from me and the sale will last for 48 hours. 24 hours. No exceptions. I gotta run and paint now, so there are plenty of paintings for you guys!


  1. Very exciting! And you look beautiful!

  2. Love that top picture! You look great. No one notices things like big nostrils except you. :) I do believe the 'powder in between shots' is a must though. Shine = yuck.

  3. I think your work is so beautiful and full of life - and so are you! Thesa pictures are wonderful. :) We are always our own worst critic!!

  4. I always cringe when looking at pics of myself. But you look adorable, as always. Cute glasses. And that lipstick color is fabulous on you! However, the dog doesn't look too enthused.

    1. I know, Coco is not a sport for photos.

  5. Beautiful as always! I just signed up, even though I think I already receive the newsletter. ;-) Can't miss out!!

  6. I'm so excited! Cannot wait for the sale!

  7. Dat is a one sexy woman!


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