Thursday, July 26

Garden for my toes

Thank you guys so much for your encouraging words for my post yesterday. I felt so much better after I wrote it, as I knew I would. Cheers to you!

In happy news, this fall we are finally going to do some landscaping in our dismal back yard. Last fall we had a fence built, and a small deck off of our master bedroom, only about five feet deep. Before it was a dirt pit with weeds and and a decrepit old fence, so its a huge upgrade.

I have been pulling inspiration images on Pinterest for a few months, wanna see? Our deck is about that deep (up there) and I like the idea of it being an extension of our bedroom.

I really love this look. No matching set for me please. The oversized umbrella is also a must in our southern summer clime. Where can I find outdoor rattan chairs like that?

I would love to have a sexy container garden on the side deck, and use them more in general in the yard. I have to admit that this green on green is very soothing, and making me lean toward having a few glazed containers.

Of course my first thought was to do it all California modern. It is mostly in full sun, so succulents will do well. I really love the metal siding btw. P.S Check this out for amazing succulent inspiration. Thanks Jennifer!

It will be fun to "compose" the garden. I am going to draw on art school lessons about hierarchy and flow.

This is my dream urban garden. English feel of whimsy and layering but with a modern touch. I want to feel like my back yard is an oasis b/c even though we live in a neighborhood, it is a small yard, because we live in town.

I love this texture! So interesting.

We are planning on installing doors to lead out to the deck (that is just narrower than this image), but we live in the south, so we need a screen :) I can't wait to show you pictures of the real deal, once it gets started in October.

I want to see your garden inspiration!


  1. loving succulents...recently planted two agave out front

    Came across this site recently...lots of inspiration for planters

    Good luck this fall, have fun

  2. Oh, I love all these inspiration pics. Gardening is one thing that helps my crazy head settle itself. I would love to show you all my inspiration pics....but they happen to be in a big three ring binder. (I may be on pinterest, but I'm still old school most of the time.) The huge glazed containers are amazing. I wish I could afford a whole slew of them.
    I'm so excited to see what you come up with!


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