Thursday, July 19

Sitting on my ass (ouch) a lot

Thank you to everyone who made my sale so great! I hope you all love your pieces. I will be having another free shipping sale soon. Probably not this year though, Cyber Monday! Stay tuned! because I have a show in October and I still don't have any!! paintings ready for it. That pretty much means I will be working like crazy until then.

I have been watching a lot of my favorite movies lately, on account of still being house bound from the poops. Y'all tomorrow will be two weeks from the date of salmonella contact! Shit! And also thats a long time to be home. I totally forgot how crazy hot Daniel Day Lewis was in Last of the Mohicans.

Right?! Crazy hot. Plus I listend to that soundtrack in high school like every single day. I used to lay on the floor in the dark and listen to it really loud. Dramatic much? Then when I couldn't take it any more I would put on some Beatles Hard Days Night.

It so hard to sit still, and be at home every day! I want to work, but as soon as I get everything ready to start painting, I get all sweaty and I have to sit down. Super bummer. I wish I could just embrace the time off, like a normal person. What do you do when you have a sick day? 


  1. Hmmmm.....Makes me wonder what the names (and colors) of your new art will be.


  2. home girl do you have any activated charcoal? take 1 a day. with a big glass of water. also sip on apple cider vinegar throughout the day (in water) and take some probiotics if you aren't already.
    i know unsolicited advice is the worst on blogs but i promise you this will have you right in a day or 2 tops!

    where did the salmonella come from?

  3. Jenny, great advice, thanks. I love ACV! So great for digestion. I got sick from a piece of salmon from the restaurant next door to me :( It was undercooked, but I kinda like salmon that way. Not any more.

  4. I am pretty damn good at doing nothing, but two weeks of it could break the best of us. I am so sorry that you are still fighting this crud. If your creative energies are burning a hole through your restless fingers, you could always default back to sketching. Always a good practice for the mind.


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