Monday, July 23

Girl time!

I'm BACK! I spent the whole day at the studio yesterday, it was bliss. So this happend: I walked out of my house for the first time a few days ago and I was "I just want it to be fall right now." We didn't have much of a winter last year, so I never got my cozy itch scratched, and late summer in Atlanta is gross. Like stinking squirrel carcass gross. Stink that is like crack to your sweet little terrier. I can't stop dreaming about falling leaves and cozy boots and steaming cups...So join me on a journey of sexy, cozy clothes that I can't wait to wear. Incidentally, I have been wearing these dresses non-stop in this summer. My racer-back Spanx bra fits perfectly under it, and they transition from pijama to grocery run pretty easily. Yes, I am gross and lazy. By the way, when its time to dress up I wear this dress with these.

Ok so these things I am lusting after hard core:

Pull-on boots by Maison Martin Margiela (why the long name guys, I can never remember it). These are great because the toe is leather, so it will wear better, and the heel is lowish, and stacked so super comfy. Also, they are pull-on, so the suede-leather connection makes for a thicker ankle area that doesn't buckle and do that "rain boot" thing most pull on boots do. Of course, they need to go on sale! (Here they are 50% off in brown if you wear a 6,7 or 8 (I need a 10, so sad for me).

Such a perfect long sleeve shirt. I think Vince is way over-priced but this shape is so nice, I had to share.

Have you seen these new legging-pants? I like a thicker legging for warmer southern winters. I confess that a few years ago I went into a legging phase where I wore them much more than is good for me. I don't have a long, lean silhouette.

I did find some great relaxed straight leg jeans too! Wanna see? I don't like skinny jeans on me at all, in fact on most people I don't like them. I have a very athletic body type, and my upper thighs are the kind rappers like. Anyway, these jeans look great b/c I bought them in about three sizes smaller than my normal size, b/c they stretch so much and they look like straight leg jeans on me. Maybe this will help you! I can't be the only woman with a small waist and thick thighs (but not really big hips, but a big ass...) I am not body-bashing here, its just a reality and I really like my body by the way.

Ok, now I do own this Helmut Lang sweater in black. I get crazy compliments on it, but I wear it without the belt. It must be very popular b/c I bought it on clearance last year, and here it is again! Its like a felty-wool that wears really well. It just doesn't look old, even after dragging it all around Spain last year, and sweating balls in it (very warm sweater). I just drop it off at the dry-cleaner and it is like new again. It is expensive, but why would you need another cardigan? 

Since we are fantasizing here, these shoes make me very, very happy!

I picked things that I liked, not things I am necessarily going to buy, so get off your high horse about how expensive some of these things are. I wanna know what your best pics are for the rest of the summer, or what are you excited about for fall?


  1. It's funny you posted the AG jeans because it's sounds like we have very similar body types and I JUST found this brand and love them! New York and Company also makes some jeans I love that would probably fit you well for less than $75... :)

    1. Meghan, thanks for the tip! I will have to add them to my list.

  2. I always love everything you pick! Possibly because you seem to share my basically exclusive love of neutral clothing. :) You actually turned me on to Complex Geometries a while back, which I now really love/constantly stalk for sales. I can't wait for fall, either-Texas summer is also brutal. I just want to put on a big cozy sweater and have a steaming hot chai latte in front of a fire somewhere (although I think I just broke a sweat even saying the word "fire" in this heat...). Glad you're finally feeling better!

    1. Yay! Jamie I am so glad you love Complex Geometry too! I feel you on sweating, its just so freaking gross in the south in the summer.


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