Tuesday, August 7

Just talking about clothes again

So I am not buying clothes right now, and I don't plan on investing in any new pieces anytime soon. However, I have been building up my clothing pinterest board with classic looks that I can turn to for inspiration when the time comes. I find that I never know what to buy, or I guess I never know what to wear. I think perhaps I should just pick a look I like, for example: Dark jeans, graphic pattern t-shirt, cropped jacket, small shoulder bag with great hardware, funky boots (like those down there...drool.) Ok, so then I pick that look, and just copy it with what I have in my closet. I think thats how you do it right? B/c I can't seem to figure it out without straight up plagiarizing.

Distressed dark jeans and a sweater that shows a lot of collar bone. Good look.

These boots are insane.

So are these. I would love a reason to say "You know, every woman needs a pair of bright, graphic statement heels." But alas, I never have occasion to wear them.

This I love for the denim skirt trend, and the man's shirt. Styled perfectly here. This whole look is so very chic. I would personally have paired it with sturdier shoes, but I am basically an oaf on heals, so I need them to be strong.

I have been looking for a cute, cropped leather jacket for almost a year. Either I can't afford it, or it isn't just right.

I need someone to teach me how to accessorize like this! This girl knows exactly what works on her, and she is tearing it up with this outfit here.

Lastly, I would love a classic, sexy black dress. Something so well made, so stunning of fabric and cut that I feel like a million bucks wearing it. I mean. WOW.


  1. Oh, man. Those boots are so cool. I love that they reflect that amber color onto the ground. Awesome.

  2. Let me just say that I am not cool enough to pull off any of these looks. If I wore a denim skirt (though it looks great on Lauren Santo Domingo above), I'd look like an awkward 2nd grade teacher or something.

    You do have fabulous taste in clothing, though.


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