Wednesday, August 22

I want

Holly hell I want short hair again!

Oh...wait. I changed my mind.


  1. haha story of my life. I still can't grow it past my ears. I have a pinterest board solely dedicated to my short hair wants and needs.

    it's a never ending saga.

  2. Hahaha! Me too. I think you kill it in short hair.

  3. ha! i am feelin you. my hair is long but getting damaged from all the sun this summer so it is so tempting to chop it. extensions anyone? (i made my own btw)


    come visit soon.


  4. you make me laugh! love the short style.
    i'm fantasizing about hair in general these days {any day now it'll be back!}.

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  6. Remember my super short hair in college? I can't pull it off. But I love yours that way. Also remember when you convinced me to color my hair, and then we dyed it the EXACT SAME COLOR? Oy...I need some excitement and variety in my life.

    1. Oh, your hair was adorable short! You can totally pull it off. You know, I have not dyed my hair since college! I was so appalled to have red/black hair, I am still traumatized. You could go honey blonde, that would be cute!


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