Wednesday, August 1

Me on the Toolshed

Check out Toolshed.

Several months ago the awesome Michelle Toole contacted me and we did a fun interview. We met when she visited my studio, looking for art for her home. We had a nice chat, and kept in touch.

Favorite Musician: "Raul. Ok, he is imaginary, but my husband and I invented this famous Tambourine Soloist one day when we were at a restaurant where the sound system was so bad all you could hear of the music on the system was the clanky Tambourine. He wears all fringed outfits, so they move around while he dramatically plays the…..tamourreeeeeen. He also wears eye linner and a lot of turquoise rings on his playing hand. Oh, and probably some high healed boots. His recent album cover features just him, mid jump, fringe akimbo and his tambourine placed strategically over his…instrument. He recently was on the cover of Rolling Stones doing a spoof of the Lady Gagga cover, but with old timey pistols…I could go on."

My studio doesn't look like this anymore, I changed it all around. This area up there is my painting spot, and I have a huge easel now.


  1. That was a great interview. You are always so funny. And the mountains of North Carolina happen to be where I reside. It is a pretty great place, if I do say so myself.

  2. Jo, you are so lucky! I love it there, my folks have a house near Robbinsville.

  3. i already knew that you and your paintings are awesome. but that flea (via the toolshed)? priceless. you always crack me up. btw, i think we are sporting the same hair these days. i was worried i looked a bit like dorothy hamill, but it looks cute on you, which makes me feel better.


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